Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Louies new found life

Little Louie is one of the very special rescue dogs that came through our program. He was actually waiting quite a bit for his family to find him. One of our favorite saying is "it's worth the wait"  and that can not have any more truth to it in Little Louies case. He was adopted by the Gilligan family in March of this year and he couldn't of found a more loving and deserving family.

As you will see Little Louie is one spoiled lil boy. His family goes above and beyond to make and keep him happy... which isn't a hard task may we add. A pat on the head, rub on the belly or a lacrosse ball does the trick.

Little Louie does in fact share his home with a feline friend. If you remember from Louies bio he does not do well with cats BUT in this case his family found a way to make it work. The cat stays at a distance and Louie could care less with all the pampering he has been getting.

Little Louie is definitely King of his castle.
 When the modified k9 home gets a new foster, things are far from easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and know how to help these lost dogs find their way. The majority of the dogs that come through our program are like Louie. . .unloved, unwanted and have no clue about what being a "dog" is really like. Some of the dogs take a few months to come out of their shell, show their personality and open up to the kindness we show them. Little Louie went from a very distant pup to one that is overwhelmed with love and joy. Every day is a new exciting experience for him. All of his days are filled with positive encounters, clean water, warm beds, great food, lacrosse balls and the loving arms of the people that adore him.

Little Louie & his grandma. Miss O'
When you open your heart to fostering a dog in need your house takes a toll, your finances are drained, your patience are tested to their limits and your entire life is rearranged for one little being.

Is it really worth it you may ask.  

The reward of saving a life, making that life better and giving that life a second chance is worth every ounce of what we humans may endure during the foster rehabilitation period. Dogs like Louie here have a loved future and are part of a family, what could be a better out come for an underdog? When we see updated pictures from the rescue dogs families, our hearts just melt. We sit on the other side of the computer with a massive grin on our face and even though we may not let people see this side, our eyes are filled with tears that you just can't hold back. Tears of ultimate joy knowing one more life is safe and one more family is complete.

Little Louis and his dad.
 So next time you see a rescue asking for foster homes to step out of their comfort zone and help one in need, we hope a lot of you will say YES!. We can not do this with out homes and with out people that want to make a difference. Action speaks louder. . .Foster a life in need today! You will be glad you did!

Much love

Here is Little Louie in the mk9 home before he found his family.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Putting up the Lights

The Modified k9 home is getting ready to put up the lights, with a little help from some very special elves.

The rescue dogs know when you decorate your home with lots of lights your house will be easier to spot by Santa, and Santa is the guy who brings all the goodies for the "good" little girls and boys. Polly, Joey, Macy and Lucy have been on their very very best behavior in hopes that Santa brings them their families.

Polly Pocket is the newest addition to the mk9 program. She knows that the other pups have been waiting much longer to find their homes and she is making sure the house will be extra bright to get the big guys attention this year. Polly would like nothing more for the longest residence of the mk9 program to get their homes for the holiday. Macy, Joey & Lucy all have been waiting around a year or so, unfortunately with no interest.

We are all hoping and praying things will change soon.

Until that big day comes Santa needs some help making this years Christmas for the pups extra special. There will be a wish list event coming up December 17th at Valley Dog. Canine Santa Cause will be held from 1-7pm. Wish list items for the mk9 rescue dogs AND the animals of Blue Chip Farm are on the flyer below and through the attached link.!/photo.php?fbid=283558581688706&set=a.130351363676096.15379.129811260396773&type=3&theater

Join the rescue dogs on this day. . .you never know, all you think may be doing is dropping off a gift for a pup and in return getting your heart set on a new addition.
We sure hope so ;)

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Dog on a Treadmill?

We say yes, YES, YES!!
Chelle & Miss Polly Pocket
Treadmills are a great energy re-leasers! Not only will the treadmill kick some of the extra energy your dog may have but it is also a great mind stimulating exercise! When your dog is on the treadmill they have to think for themselves to stay in time with the treadmill as it moves. Treadmills come in extremely handy during the cold weather months or if you are a rescue/foster and have to rotate a few dogs to make sure they get the attention and exercise they need for the day.

When you start your dog off on the treadmill you want him to get used to the surroundings and this new "thing" in your home. Let him/her walk on  and off of it, let them sit on it and even ask them to lay down so they know there is nothing to fear.  

Guide them by it and reward them for accepting it.

Some dogs take longer then other to get used to this machine, so when you aim to teach your dog to use the treadmill make sure you have about 2-3 hours set aside at first. No distraction in your home, and make sure your pup has done his or her business before you get started. You do not want to rush your dog, let him/her get comfortable at their own pace. In return your dog will accept this new training exercise and will look forward it.

Below are two of the mk9 rescue dogs.
Joey & Polly Pocket. Both dogs have taken to the treadmill in very different ways.

Joey was not to sure what this thing was.
The sounds it makes when its on and the different texture of flooring
He would get on it when we asked but you could tell how uncomfortable he was, so we allowed him to get on and off at his own will. We sat on the treadmill and guided Joey over with treats. We praised him for walking up to it, stepping on it and then sitting on it.

After about a 40 minutes we faced Joey in the right direction with Chelle standing over him making sure he wasn't going to jump off or get too overwhelmed when we started it up. Holding her hand at his side so he knew not to jump off, it reassured him everything will be ok and he is doing a GREAT job!!

Keep your hand on your dog if he is uncertian of the movement.
This will guide him/her into place.
 We started him off at the lowest setting letting him get familiar with it moving on its own. At first he wanted no part, trying to lay down but Chelle stayed in place talking to him, telling him good boy and helping him with the aid of some of his favorite treats.

Treat your dog for doing a good job.
Treats should be small & soft.
 Joey is at a slow trot on a low setting and we will keep him at that pace for the next week until we start to see him relax when he is on the treadmill. After he is set we will move the speed and time up to give him a better work out.

Hold the least snug will keep him in place and moving forward.

Polly Pocket picked up much faster then big Joe.
After about 15-20minutes she was walking at a fast pace with non stop tail wags.
Polly and treats go very very well together. Along with praise. She LOVES to be told what a good girl she is.

Polly goes for about 15-20minutes a day, trotting at a fast pace getting up to 2 miles.
We will be increasing her as the days go on. 

 Please note: When your dog is doing more activity then normal you have to monitor their food intake. Make sure they are getting what they need for the exercises they are doing!


Miss Macy, Bella Vita & Lucy!! keep an eye out for their updates on the treadmills.

Treadmill donations are still needed for our other main modified k9 home. 
If you can spare a treadmill for the mk9 rescue dogs please email 
We are located by Philadelphia & Scranton/Wilke barre areas.

My pit bull is family. . .

What does that mean to us here at Modified k9?

Well, just what it says. "My pit bull is family", they are not just dogs but big parts of our lives. We take them places, involve them in every day activity and introduce them to the new exciting simple things life has to offer.

Pit bull terriers thrive for the attention an affection of their owners. They WANT to be involved and they WANT to know all. They are not happy and they do not do well when left tied to a tree, dog house or left in a run. Not to mention the bad behaviors they tend to pick up being isolated and you are not helping your dog move forward. Pit bulls are extremely fast learners due to their drive to please their people. With a lot of positive socialization and exercise (for mind & body) your pit bull will be a well rounded, content family member.

 So next time you go to walk out your door for the day, let your best friend come with you. They will thank you for it at that time and later when their passed out on the bed from a fulfilled day. And who doesn't love a tired dog!

Here are some pics of Polly Pockets day out. Dylan is turning into her best bud and we adore this little lady that is still waiting for her forever family.

Proud Polly Pocket

You ready for me??

No worries, I'll catch you!!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Macy & the "flirt pole"

The flirt pole will remind you of a big cat toy but for our canine buddies. Made of 5ft-6ft PVC pipe, 13ft-15 ft rope (adjust as needed), & a toy which all comes to around $9.00-$12.00.

This is one of our favorite tools for tiring out our dogs. . . besides the treadmill and nose work. It is used for basic obedience training reinforcement, making the time with your dog fun, exciting and rewarding. Your dog should already be familiar with the commands. . .sit, stay/wait, look, down, leave it/drop it & ok/take it.

When using the flirt pole make sure your dog does not grab the toy with out your command.
If he/she does stop the game and start over with your dog in a sit.

The flirt pole is a great treat and training tool for Macy or dogs like Macy that are highly dog selective and have a lot of prey drive. The mind stimulation she receives, plus the exercise will make for a very happy and content pup by the end of the session.

And the best part. . .the reward C:

Monday, November 14, 2011

Polly Pocket Meets Raisin Pheobe

All loving, overly excited Polly Pocket meets everything selective, overly judgmental Raisin Phoebe.

 We weren't really sure what to think when Raisin decided to come out from hiding to see what all the fuss was about. We all know when introducing our pit bulls to new things we should always try to keep the experience a positive one, but when it comes to terrier meets feline your guess is as good as ours on how it will go. Fortunately, this first time meet went very well. Polly was extremely curious and stayed very calm while Raisin made her way closer. We praised Polly for sitting nice and looking back to us for reassurance.

After a few minutes we brought Polly outside and ended the meet with Raisin on a good note. As of right now we are taking it slowly with Polly n "cats" to see if she can go into a new home that may have a feline family member.

We are very impressed with this little lady that was minutes away from being euthanized. She has come along way with her training and we at mk9 know some day she will make an amazing addition to an expanding family.