Friday, November 25, 2011

Putting up the Lights

The Modified k9 home is getting ready to put up the lights, with a little help from some very special elves.

The rescue dogs know when you decorate your home with lots of lights your house will be easier to spot by Santa, and Santa is the guy who brings all the goodies for the "good" little girls and boys. Polly, Joey, Macy and Lucy have been on their very very best behavior in hopes that Santa brings them their families.

Polly Pocket is the newest addition to the mk9 program. She knows that the other pups have been waiting much longer to find their homes and she is making sure the house will be extra bright to get the big guys attention this year. Polly would like nothing more for the longest residence of the mk9 program to get their homes for the holiday. Macy, Joey & Lucy all have been waiting around a year or so, unfortunately with no interest.

We are all hoping and praying things will change soon.

Until that big day comes Santa needs some help making this years Christmas for the pups extra special. There will be a wish list event coming up December 17th at Valley Dog. Canine Santa Cause will be held from 1-7pm. Wish list items for the mk9 rescue dogs AND the animals of Blue Chip Farm are on the flyer below and through the attached link.!/photo.php?fbid=283558581688706&set=a.130351363676096.15379.129811260396773&type=3&theater

Join the rescue dogs on this day. . .you never know, all you think may be doing is dropping off a gift for a pup and in return getting your heart set on a new addition.
We sure hope so ;)

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