Monday, November 28, 2011

Little Louies new found life

Little Louie is one of the very special rescue dogs that came through our program. He was actually waiting quite a bit for his family to find him. One of our favorite saying is "it's worth the wait"  and that can not have any more truth to it in Little Louies case. He was adopted by the Gilligan family in March of this year and he couldn't of found a more loving and deserving family.

As you will see Little Louie is one spoiled lil boy. His family goes above and beyond to make and keep him happy... which isn't a hard task may we add. A pat on the head, rub on the belly or a lacrosse ball does the trick.

Little Louie does in fact share his home with a feline friend. If you remember from Louies bio he does not do well with cats BUT in this case his family found a way to make it work. The cat stays at a distance and Louie could care less with all the pampering he has been getting.

Little Louie is definitely King of his castle.
 When the modified k9 home gets a new foster, things are far from easy. It takes a lot of hard work, patience and know how to help these lost dogs find their way. The majority of the dogs that come through our program are like Louie. . .unloved, unwanted and have no clue about what being a "dog" is really like. Some of the dogs take a few months to come out of their shell, show their personality and open up to the kindness we show them. Little Louie went from a very distant pup to one that is overwhelmed with love and joy. Every day is a new exciting experience for him. All of his days are filled with positive encounters, clean water, warm beds, great food, lacrosse balls and the loving arms of the people that adore him.

Little Louie & his grandma. Miss O'
When you open your heart to fostering a dog in need your house takes a toll, your finances are drained, your patience are tested to their limits and your entire life is rearranged for one little being.

Is it really worth it you may ask.  

The reward of saving a life, making that life better and giving that life a second chance is worth every ounce of what we humans may endure during the foster rehabilitation period. Dogs like Louie here have a loved future and are part of a family, what could be a better out come for an underdog? When we see updated pictures from the rescue dogs families, our hearts just melt. We sit on the other side of the computer with a massive grin on our face and even though we may not let people see this side, our eyes are filled with tears that you just can't hold back. Tears of ultimate joy knowing one more life is safe and one more family is complete.

Little Louis and his dad.
 So next time you see a rescue asking for foster homes to step out of their comfort zone and help one in need, we hope a lot of you will say YES!. We can not do this with out homes and with out people that want to make a difference. Action speaks louder. . .Foster a life in need today! You will be glad you did!

Much love

Here is Little Louie in the mk9 home before he found his family.

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