Saturday, November 19, 2011

My pit bull is family. . .

What does that mean to us here at Modified k9?

Well, just what it says. "My pit bull is family", they are not just dogs but big parts of our lives. We take them places, involve them in every day activity and introduce them to the new exciting simple things life has to offer.

Pit bull terriers thrive for the attention an affection of their owners. They WANT to be involved and they WANT to know all. They are not happy and they do not do well when left tied to a tree, dog house or left in a run. Not to mention the bad behaviors they tend to pick up being isolated and you are not helping your dog move forward. Pit bulls are extremely fast learners due to their drive to please their people. With a lot of positive socialization and exercise (for mind & body) your pit bull will be a well rounded, content family member.

 So next time you go to walk out your door for the day, let your best friend come with you. They will thank you for it at that time and later when their passed out on the bed from a fulfilled day. And who doesn't love a tired dog!

Here are some pics of Polly Pockets day out. Dylan is turning into her best bud and we adore this little lady that is still waiting for her forever family.

Proud Polly Pocket

You ready for me??

No worries, I'll catch you!!

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