Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Macy & the "flirt pole"

The flirt pole will remind you of a big cat toy but for our canine buddies. Made of 5ft-6ft PVC pipe, 13ft-15 ft rope (adjust as needed), & a toy which all comes to around $9.00-$12.00.

This is one of our favorite tools for tiring out our dogs. . . besides the treadmill and nose work. It is used for basic obedience training reinforcement, making the time with your dog fun, exciting and rewarding. Your dog should already be familiar with the commands. . .sit, stay/wait, look, down, leave it/drop it & ok/take it.

When using the flirt pole make sure your dog does not grab the toy with out your command.
If he/she does stop the game and start over with your dog in a sit.

The flirt pole is a great treat and training tool for Macy or dogs like Macy that are highly dog selective and have a lot of prey drive. The mind stimulation she receives, plus the exercise will make for a very happy and content pup by the end of the session.

And the best part. . .the reward C:

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