Monday, February 27, 2012

Johnny Royal

Johnny entered the mk9 program the week of Feb 20th 2012. He was pretty banged up with multiple infected bite wounds that cover a good amount of his body.  As scene in his bio the word on the street is that Johnny was attacked by another breeder male over a female. The worst part of this was that Johnny's "owner" instead of getting him medical treatment, he high tailed it out of town and abandoned Johnny in a house for an unknown period of time with out food or water.  Left him with a mattress n a fish tank, what a great guy!!

Thankfully, a very kind person got word of where Johnny was and got him out of the house and straight to the vet. - We are extremely thankful for this caring person! If it wasn't for them, Johnny would not be with us today.

Since Johnny has been with us it as been nothing but love for this boy.  A Bath, good food, warm bed, compresses for his legs, and lots of attention from the mk9 crew. The only thing Mr J is not liking too much is his crate and being away from everyone.  But we all know every pup that comes into the mk9 program needs structure and a schedule.  So you can kick n scream all you want sweet Johnny, your cute face is not going to get you to do as you will around these parts of town.

Johnny's little crate tantrums are decreasing as the hours go by.  Which is excellent!  We are taking notice to him settling in more and becoming curious of the other pups and the strange kitty that has been stalking him when he is not looking.

We can not wait to see this little dude all healed from infection and start to come out if his shell.  We have a very good feeling he will be stealing the hearts of many and loving every minute of it.

Mk9 web designer, hard core animal lover and tallest mk9 member Dave
with Miss Raisin Pheobe (strange kitty) & Johnny Royal

Mr J meets more of the mk9 family and Josie's foster parents,  Miss Sarah & Marcus.
Johnny likes to watch lil D' do his thing through out the day. Dylan is very active, but respectful of the new pups

Johnny with his biggest fan Derek and his favorite part of the morning.

Johnny, as you can see is fitting in nicely.  We are looking forward to sharing his progress updates with you all.  We hope you check back in to see what his new adventures will be, who he meets next and how this once unwanted pup finds his forever family to share the rest of his life with. When that day comes it will be a bitter sweet day for us here at mk9. We are already head over heals for this little dude as we are for all of our awesome dogs waiting for their chance to be adopted.

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  1. He looks so happy and comfortable already..he knows he is surrounded by love. He looks like a little loverboy. Can't wait to meet this guy. So happy he is safe at mk9. <3