Sunday, February 19, 2012


Update on our Newest Rescue Dog(Josie) will be posted in the next day or so.
Check back in to see how this extremely sweet girl has been doing since she has been with us for the past 2 weeks.

We will fill you all in on how the Thunder Shirt, Tie downs, The other pups in the house, a tight schedule, positive social experiences, the amazing patience of the fosters & managing separation anxiety through clicker training are helping this girl come out of her shell and enjoy how to be a dog.

Josie came into the mk9 program extremely shut down. . .Not even knowing how to sit and was even at times to afraid to go out of the house. There was sadness in her eyes but she also looked at her people with admiration n love.

Josie was found abandoned in the woods with 10 puppies (5 did not make it - but she did not leave their side). The kind people that did find her ended up finding the puppies homes before turning Josie into Blue Chip Farms. The sad thing was even tough these people intended on doing the right thing they took her puppies away from her way too soon due of lack of knowledge. Taking puppies away from their mother too soon not only causes the mother great grief but the puppies development and social skill will suffer and could cause behavior problems as they grow into adults.

We are very grateful for foster homes such as Sarah, Marcus, Maria and their furkid crew. Without them Josie may not have the chance to enjoy life and "just be a dog"

Josie journey is just beginning. We will keep you filled in on her new achievements as the weeks go on and we will also let you know when this amazing girl is ready for her own forever home.

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