Thursday, March 15, 2012

Johnny on tie down.

Johnny has been on fast forward since he stepped foot into the mk9 program. His wounds are healing at a steady pace. His healing process has been aided by good medication, lots of love and the laser procedures offered at Creekside Animal Hospital. He has been meeting people left and right of all ages and loving every minute of it. Johnny even had the chance to be in the Scranton St Patrick Day parade this past Saturday. - We think he may have stolen the show a bit ;)

Johnny was recently neutered on Monday and hasn't skipped a beat. When Derek brought him home after his appointment Johnny was overly excited and had more energy then when he left. All thanks to the great work and care of - again- Creekside & their awesome staff!!

When Johnny started our program he was given time to just relax a bit but at the same time he was being rotated between the other dogs in the house. # 1 giving his wounds time to heal and then be neutered and #2 to give this boy some structure. His fist day on a tie down I came into the living room to find Johnny standing on our coffee table with all 4 paws. You may laugh and you probably would if you could of seen his expression but that is not acceptable behavior for any pup, no matter how cute they are.

Over then next few weeks Johnny has been doing very well on his tie downs. The tie downs help him settle while in the house and he was able to take in all that was going on around him... including our crazy cat - Raisin Pheobe.

Johnny is very curious of Miss Raisin but at the same time keeps his distance. Wouldn't you if you saw a creature like this. ;)  While Johnny is on his tie downs he is also learning the "settle or wait" command.  When he gets a little too rambunctious we tell him "no - settle". He will do as we ask but does bitch the entire way down. I mean, come on. . .settle is no fun compared to pouncing at a cat that moves in ways you can only imagine .

On Johnny's tie downs he also gets to spend time with our 2.5 year old son Dylan. Dylan love to share his toys with the pups and his doing so helps the pups adjust to different noises and movement they may have not experienced in their past life.

Johnny's favorite part of his tie downs is seeing how close he can get to our other pups esp our Bella Vita.  Vita is dog selective and she needs to be worked into another dog over time. She is not the type of girl that will be "friends" at 1st meet. So the crate rotations, walks together with no meeting/touching and tie downs for the new pups help Vita warm up at her own pace. Which in turn makes for best buds.

Keeping Johnny on a tie down while letting Vita have free roam allows her to get away from the dogs if they may be invading her space too much.  

Please note: even though Johnny is on a tie down, when we have another dog out as well we NEVER leave them unattended at any time together.

Johnny seems to really like Bella Vita and we have a hunch she likes him as well, but is not letting us in on her secret yet.

When Johnny is 100% healed from his neuter we will be setting up a special play date with him and a few of the pups. Keep checking back to see what else this boy has in store.

It is just amazing isn't it. . .all that he has gone through with people & even other dogs, Johnny is STILL fun loving and friendly to all.

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