Wednesday, January 11, 2012


Looks like we have a social bug in the mk9 program.  Miss Polly seems to love EVERYONE she comes in contact with, yep. . . even Joey!!  We actually think she will give him a run for his money when we do set up a play date for these two.  But before then they will be getting use to one another through tie downs and "give me my space" walks.

Polly has also befriended our Bella Vita.  In their pictures they may seem like a match made in heaven but don't let the still frames fool you.  Bella Vita is extremely dog selective to where she needs to be crate rotated for several weeks before ever meeting another dog and even then it is up in the air if she will accept them or not.

Polly must have some magical touch... or pounce about her.  Whatever it is she is an amazing little helper.  She pulls a home together nicely with her "why can't we all be friends" attitude.

Keep checking back for when Miss Polly Pocket & Joey get their play date!! ALL eyes will be on them ;)

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