Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Completing a Home

We here at Modified k9 know all to well about how something as simple as a 4 legged friend can complete a family and turn the house into a home.  The hardest part is "the wait".  Some of the rescue dogs that come through are scooped up as soon as they are labeled "adopt.a.bull" and some wait for as long as a year or so.  We won't lie, when we have a pup that is waiting that long we do have some doubt if they will ever find their family, but we do have faith in things happening for a reason.  These dogs may be here to teach us a little more of what we need to help the next or just to teach us a simple thing like patience.

To these dogs there is no such thing as "time" they cherish every moment they get to spend with their people, ever extra treat you allow them to have or that they steel, every car ride and every walk in the park.  To the rescue dogs that are "waiting" they are already home.  They are with people that love them, care for them and help them progress with every day life.

We all know that foster homes are temporary and to save another a forever home must be found for the rescue dogs waiting.  We can only do so much, we open our homes, we socialize them, train them, get them medical,  give them food, toys, unconditional love and net work our dogs but we can not do this alone.  We need help getting these dogs noticed.  This is a TEAM effort to save these dogs and to continue to save them.  There is no reason why dogs like Macy and Lucy are waiting more then a year... no reason at all!!

So please help us help these dogs in finding their families.  The picture below of  Polly  is not complete.  Polly doesn't have anyone to fill that end of the couch with because she doesn't have a home of her own yet! Please share all of our rescue dogs info so we can complete another home.

Share our Modified k9 website so the dogs waiting can find their families and then we can help more that are in need of their chance.

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  1. Beautifully said. It sad some have to wait so long for their forver home, but while they are in the mk9 family, they are in a loving fantastic place..so glad you guys are there to show the pups what true love and affection is and help them get to there forever home. All the mk9 dogs are so special, they are deserve all the love and happiness one has to offer.