Saturday, April 7, 2012

Johnny is Go - Vita is No!

Our boy Johnny Royal is always on the go. Even on a tie down he is non stop playing or "trying" to get into trouble. . . but this lil stinker has gotten much better over the past few weeks and a lot of the thanks is to our Bella Vita. She has a way with the young ones.

During their interaction we are close by to make sure all stay civil. Vita allows him to nibble but NO bite. When Johnny gets a little to rough she gently puts him in his place. Good thing for Johnny he can read Vita very well and picks up on just a look. After a few times of Vita letting Johnny know "enough play", he gave up and gave in to some cuddle time.

Check out some pictures of her "getting Johnny to lay down".

Vita's persistence pays off and Johnny learns to lay nice!
It definitely helps to have a well mannered pup in the house aiding in the structure of the new kids.

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  1. Oh my GOSH! Johnny is adorable!! Vita is very pretty too :)